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Bowen for You

Healing Horses Gently

EMRT • Equine Muscle Release Therapy

Hi, my name is Eva,

I’m a Bowen Therapist for horses –

and their riders & owners too.

I will do my absolutely best for your beloved four-legged  friend –

with kindness, curiosity and an open heart!

The Healing touch of bowen therapy
Reignite the sparkle in
your horse's eye!





What is EMRT ?

A typical EMRT move – you can see a gentle wave going through the Tensor Fascia Latae.

The Bowen technique for horses is called EMRT™ – Equine Muscle Release Therapy.

It consists of gentle, precise moves executed in a specific sequence with waiting periods in-between. The waits give the horse time to react to each move and integrate the information.

These non-invasive treatments influence all levels of the horse – the body, emotions and energy. EMRT™ works mainly through the fascia, muscles, tendons and the central nervous system. It stimulates the energy flow, leads to postural realignment, regulation of body systems, fascial release and ultimately the stimulation of the body to return to its natural state of balance and optimal health.

In essence, EMRT works WITH the horse, not on or against it. The healing process commences from the inside – in the horses’ own pace.

Please note: EMRT does not replace veterinary treatment. We like to work together with your Vet!

The Benefits

Body & Mind & SOUL

We treat the whole being! EMRT is holistic. The overall well-being improves by bringing the horse's body, mind and soul into balance.


EMRT helps your horse during and after competitions to de-stress and counteract the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

faster recovery

Speed up the recovery time from injuries, surgeries and illness. EMRT supports your horse complimentary to your Vet's treatment.

Keep Fit & Healthy

Give injuries and dis-ease no chance! Regular maintenance treatments keep the horse's immune system strong and the body supple.

Manage Chronic Pain

EMRT offers special benefits for pain management, e.g. Arthritis, Kissing Spine, etc. - non-invasive and without medication.


EMRT positively influences the mind and emotions of the horse. The nervous system slows down and brings it out of the fight & flight mode; and old trauma can be released.

What Horses say & do during their treatments...

Customer reviews

What owners say?

Services & Prices

Each horse and case is different. The prices below are a guideline only. Sometimes a horse may not need or allow to receive a full treatment, but only a few moves. In such cases prices will be adjusted accordingly.

1st Treatment - $130*

Approx. 90 min, including assessment & treatment plan

Follow-up treatments - $110*

Approx. 60 min

Block of 3 treatments - $295*

Save money and get longer lasting results. To be used within 6 months.

Band Aid treatments - $70*

Up to 30min - addressing a very specific issue or acute injury. These treatments may need to be repeated several times.

Multiple horses at one location - save $10*

Buddy up and pay less. If I treat more horses at the same location per appointment, you pay $10 less per horse, and travel costs are split between all horse owners.

Distance treatments - $100

If your horse is too far away, I can work energetically with it and talk to you over phone (or WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom). I have worked with many horses overseas with great results.

Travel Costs

All appointments that are outside a 20km radius of Yandina 4561 QLD incur a travel surcharge of $0.70 per km.

Looking for a treatment for yourself?

I also offer Bowen treatments for you.
Often, an unbalanced rider (e.g. spinal or pelvic misalignment) may be the cause of an unbalanced horse.
A Bowen treatment for you might be the solution!

Where you find me

Tours & Dates

I’m currently based at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Usually I travel a lot and work wherever I am.

If I’m currently not in your area, please contact me if you wish me to come to your place or arrange a distant treatment for your horse.

Bowen & EMRT Tours - 2024

AUSTRIA: 18 Sept – 29 Oct 2024

I will be in Vorarlberg, Upper and Lower Austria. Appointments in Tirol and Salzburg can be arranged too.

Please email or WhatsApp me to make an appointment.

Two feet move your body,
four feet move your soul.

Contact me

Eva Mueller


+61 (0) 40 312 3782
(WhatsApp: +61 403 123 782)


I'm currently based in Yandina at the Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia; but I travel a lot (Europe, NZ) - please check my tour dates.
I also give distant treatments to animals and people all over the world

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About me

Eva and Ali Goward

Born and bred in Austria I grew up with a very strong connection to nature and animals. I played in the fields & woods and spent most of my time with horses.

At the age of six I started with the equestrian sport of Vaulting. I lived and breathed this sport for many years, slowly progressing from just having fun playing around on horse back to fully fledged high performance competitive vaulting. I was Austrian champion several times and represented Austria in many European- and World Championships in Vaulting (teams and individual), including WEG 1994 The Hague and WEG 1998 Rome. I was a member of the highly successful vaulting club UVRV Braunau under Karin & Karl Alber.

After my retirement as active vaulter in 2000 I continued to work and train horses and vaulters, until I decided to go to Australia in 2007 for a Master Degree in Media Arts. Well, I fell in love with this country and stayed.

This was obviously meant to be because in Australia I came across Bowen Therapy and was so fascinated by its effectiveness and simplicity that I decided to learn this amazing body work. A few years after completing my degree in human Bowen Therapy (BowTech) I fulfilled my dream and learnt Bowen Therapy for horses too - called EMRT (Equine Muscle Release Therapy), developed by Ali Goward who was my amazing teacher!

This was a dream come true which enables me to work with both, horses and people to give help & support in a natural, gentle and very holistic way.

In Bowen Therapy I found my purpose and I'm loving it - every single day!

Pictures from my vaulting career: World Equestrian Games 1998, Austrian Championships 1989, Fest der Pferde Show Vienna 2000.
"A horse is poetry in motion."

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Bowen for Horses does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

The content of this website is for informational purpose only and is not intended to substitute professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

If you think your horse may have an emergency, call your Vet immediately.


Eva Mueller

Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

+61 403 123 782

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